• Before PBS first aired A Moyers Report Trade Secrets in 2001, I was a naive consumer who blithely believed if products made it to store shelves, some type of agency oversight and regulation protected consumers from potentially harmful products. Sadly, I was mistaken. Because of reports like Trade Secrets, many consumers are becoming aware of the overwhelming number of chemicals in our daily lives, and the health threat they might pose. Currently, a growing number of consumers are choosing non-toxic alternatives,... more
  • Compared to women living in the US, Asian women experience a three to five time lower risk for breast cancer. When researchers studying these differences determined soy plays a role in breast cancer prevention, women in the US became interested in adding soy and soy supplements to their diet. However, over the years, differing opinions and reports in the effectiveness of soy in breast cancer prevention made the news. While some reports indicated soy did offer breast cancer prevention benefit, others reported the opposite. A research study conducted by... more
  • Once upon a time, coffee was reportedly bad for you. I gave up coffee. I thought I was doing rather well, as I did not suffer the withdrawal headaches or depression so commonly experienced. On the third day of my caffeine free mornings, I left home wearing my top inside out and did not discover this fact until after I had attended a public event. As I am driving home I glance down and realize the seams of my shirt are on the outside. Perhaps I did not sail through this coffee abstinence as smoothly as I thought. Now, according to additional studies, coffee is good for you... more
  • Think your beauty and personal products are safe? Think again. Good news. New legislation aims to change regulation. Not to be alarmist, but this is cancer prevention health alert alarming. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), women put an average of 168 chemicals on their body daily. And these chemicals do not stay on the surface of the skin, they are absorbed into our bloodstream. Blood and urine tests done by the EWG found 16 hormone altering chemicals, including parabens and phthalates. Currently, an amendment to the federal... more
  • Eat your vegetables. Chew your food. Common and oft spoken directives for all children sitting at the dinner table. And like most children might quizzically think: Why? Do my parents simply have nothing better to do than create rules out of thin air? Maybe, depends on your parents parenting prerogatives. For the sake of this conversation, no, your parents were not exercising random dictatorial powers. Even if your parents were not aware of why these time honored food consuming rules exist, having heard the same as they were growing... more

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